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We welcome your participation in this discussion forum and hope you enjoy discussing the 509th with others who have similar interest. However, please remember this a family friendly site and we do not permit use of foul language or poor conduct. The system manager will be the sole judge of what is considered poor conduct and will take whatever action necessary

Please limit discussion to The Enola Gay, Paul Tibbets and 509th Composite Group personnel, the Manhattan Project and other related events of WWII.

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509th Veterans & families Outstanding Unit Award more...

Los Alamos-Life on the Hill by Larry Johnston

Paul Tibbets Interview by Studs Terkel

Dropping The Atomic Bomb - By Richard Russell

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The Forum is a great place to discuss the Enola Gay, the 509th and the historical perspectives surrounding these world changing events.

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Here is the complete history of America's atomic bomb missions during WWII

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